Meet My Market

It’s Client Gifting Season!

From gift cards to champagne, B2B marketers have no shortage of options when it comes to making their clients feel appreciated. It’s time to update those lists of who you will be thanking this holiday season and place your orders! You have many, many choices when it comes to gift giving, but here are aContinue reading “It’s Client Gifting Season!”

Getting Started with Google Ads

Let’s drive some traffic! Google Ads is one of the most affordable and dynamic marketing tools available to small business owners. For a small daily budget, a local business can position its brand in front of a whole new market!   Is it Easy to Sign Up? With no signup fee or monthly subscription, openingContinue reading “Getting Started with Google Ads”

Which Social Media Platform is Right for Me?

Which social media website is the best? Does my business need a Facebook AND a LinkedIn? If I have my own Facebook profile, why do I need a separate page for my company? Do any of these questions sound familiar? Social media is a great way to reach new markets and to nurture your customerContinue reading “Which Social Media Platform is Right for Me?”

Hitting the Inbox: How to Start Your E-Newsletter

Did the holiday email barrage get you thinking about how frequently your customers hear from the competition and how little they hear from you? Well, it is never too late to start your email list! It is easy to get wrapped up in the idea that the bulk of email marketing goes on between BlackContinue reading “Hitting the Inbox: How to Start Your E-Newsletter”