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It’s Client Gifting Season!

It's client gifting season

From gift cards to champagne, B2B marketers have no shortage of options when it comes to making their clients feel appreciated. It’s time to update those lists of who you will be thanking this holiday season and place your orders! You have many, many choices when it comes to gift giving, but here are a few of our favorites!

A Little Something for the Family

Sugarwish – Who doesn’t love a build-your-own popcorn and candy box?

Mouth – Sensational gift boxes full of delicious snacks and treats!

Harry & David – You cannot, in good conscience, discuss client gifting without mentioning Harry & David. Picture something you would like to include in a gift basket… it’s on Harry & David.

A Little Something for the Grown Ups

Wine.com – The name says it all. Find the perfect bottle (or bottles) to leave an impression!

Need a Hand?

ReserveBar – The last thing you want is to spend half your marketing budget printing branded gifts only for them to slip into the garbage. I assure you – ReserveBar’s engraved premium liquor bottles are not getting thrown out anytime soon.

Sugarfina – Delicious candy gummies with a cocktail edge!

Building Your List

Client gifting is an opportunity to say thank you! But how do you show appreciation without breaking your budget? Try segmenting your list into 3 groups. Save the most expensive gifts for your highest revenue clients. Reserve the middle tier for the bulk of your clients and use the least expensive tier for prospects and smaller clients. This method ensures that you can give memorable gifts to all your clients no matter the size!

We’re Here to Help!

Ready to make client retention a year-round priority? Meet My Market is here to craft and execute growth and retention campaigns to help your business thrive! Contact Meet My Market today to schedule your free consultation with a marketing consultant.

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